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Tonya Squires

Portland High School5

Portland, TN | Sumner County


February 13, 2013

This school is very behind and slow on academics. They also do nothing about bullying as administration.

Submitted by a student

July 17, 2011

Good School, but needs better traffic routing. Needs more outreach for parents. Needs more real life training for college prep.

Submitted by a parent

October 5, 2007

Portland High School is, in my opinion, the best high School in Sumner County. We have great students, we also have a wonderful staff! Our graduation rate was below where it should have been at one time, but we are on the rebound, thanks in part to our new principal, Mr. Bob Gideon. I couldn't have asked for a better principal, he actually listens to the concerns of students and faculty alike. He is doing a wonderful job. All of the PHS staff are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work, guys!

Submitted by a student

November 29, 2005

I think that Portland High is the best school out of other school in the Sumner County region. At this school bullying is very slim and the principal's involvment with the students is very great. Mrs. Grogan and Mr. Dyer are very strict, yet nice as well. Overall, this is a very good school to go to.

Submitted by a student

October 16, 2005

I think portland High school is the best school i have ever attended and i also have a daughter now who attends there. The sports are aewsome and the teachers are understanding and educational. It is the best place to go to school.

Submitted by a student

January 13, 2005

I used to be a student at Portland High school until I moved to Minnesota and I am about to move back in the next week. Portland High School is a wonderful school the teachers and Principal keep the students busy. Mrs. Grogran is a wonderful Principal and she keeps the kids in line most of the time. Thanks Portland High for making my freshmen year great!!!!

Submitted by a student

November 9, 2004

I think that Portland High School is one of the best schools in our county. The teaching staff is wonderful, and my kids actually look forward to going to school in the morning, they practically wake me up to take them. Mrs. Grogan, the principle, is a commanding yet fun principle. She keeps the students in line, yet she also knows how to have fun. Portland High School is the kind of place that I want my kids to stay. I never have to fear for their safety. Officer Martin keeps the school under a tight watch, and he does a great job.

Submitted by a parent

April 30, 2004

I think Portland High School is an awesome school because it allows someone to be an individual and they can accomplish so much there because the population is so small. Everybody knows everybody here, and everyone is nice to everyone...most of the time, there's always one. I just moved here like 2-3 years ago and I love it! I couldnt have been half the things I am now if I had went to the over populate Hendersonville High School.

Submitted by a parent

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